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Conditions dual scale array

5 years 11 months ago - 5 years 11 months ago #57582 by Andre_DE
Good morning!

I created a question of type "Array Dual Scale" and have an "Other"-Option on eather scale. If any / both of the "Others" are ticked, I want a second question below to appear as a comment field.

On scale A this works like a charm... scale B nevertheless does not trigger the condition true.

So far I have tried a 2-scenario condition (S1: IF ScaleA=99 ... S2: IF ScaleB=99) as well as a 3-scenario condition (S1: IF A=99 AND B=99 S2: IF A=99 S3: IF B=99)

Does anyone of you guys have an idea?
Thanks in advance,

[LS 1.87+ (8374) on Apache][Tested Browser: Mozilla 3.5.16 & IE8.0]

Version 2.05+ Build 150310
Last Edit: 5 years 11 months ago by Andre_DE.

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