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Inserting a mouseover/hover box in array subquestion text

6 years 22 hours ago #57549 by StuTheQ

First of all, as a newly-registered user of Limesurvey I would like to congratulate and thank all the Limesurvey team for this excellent tool!

(I would be happy to make a donation if somebody can give me an idea of the usual amount given - I've just set up my own language training activity so I have a limited budget but if I can contribute to the continued success of this project I will try to!).

At the moment, I'm just using the 1.90+ Demo installation to see what can be done (my survey is called "Language skills questionnaire").

Here is my question: is it possible to insert a mouseover/hover box in array subquestion text in order to access examples to explain the question better? (writing these examples directly in the subquestion text - sometimes already long - will make the questionnaire much longer and "heavier" for the user)

For example, here is subquestion #3: "Welcome a visitor and make simple conversation Ex. journey, work, weather...". I would like to present "Ex. journey, work, weather..." via a mouseover/hover box to reduce the length of the subquestion text.

I have searched everywhere (I think!) in the Limesurvey User Manual and Forums (plus Google searches) but I haven't found a solution. I have very limited programming knowledge but show me where I can find suitable technical doc and I can learn very quickly!!

I hope my question is appropriate for this forum - thank you in advance for any help that you can give me!



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6 years 21 hours ago #57556 by DenisChenu
You can use some javascipt to do this.

For example, and quicly ...

I text questio:
This is the question ? 
<div class="dotips">This is the help</div>
And use some css like this one:

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6 years 19 hours ago #57568 by StuTheQ
Dear Shnoulle,

Thank you for replying to my question so quickly - I appreciate it!

I'm now going to read your suggestions very carefully and see if I can implement the code successfully in my questionnaire this evening.

Thank you once again for your kind help!

Have a good evening! (with a little extra karma!!) ;)



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3 years 8 months ago #97374 by hoibreharse
Hello Thank you for this topic. I am currently working on a survey that has a number of array (numbers, check box) questions. For one of them you cannot see the x scale (columns) options because of the number of options on the Y scale. I would like to add a mouse hover/over or repeat the titles of the columns half way down. (I am not sure where to find the css for a particular question and do not have any idea how edit a question within a particular survey). Any help or advice would be great!

Thanks in advance

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3 years 8 months ago #97411 by tpartner
Global Settings --> Presentation --> Repeating headings in array questions every X subquestions


Tony Partner

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