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Closed survey administration by multiple persons

5 years 11 months ago #57531 by Renuplex
Dear LimeSurvey Team,

First of all, thanks for your great work; I am setting up a Survey using LimeSurvey for the first time and it is a great experience! :)

I have a question regarding the management of the survey. First, it needs to be closed survey since we only want invited participants to be able to answer. Now the problem I have is that I have different "country leaders" for each participating country who need to be able to easily invite (and eventually manage) their participants. Ideally the different country leaders should be able to view their country's results but not the other country results or participants.

I am considering the two following approaches:

1. Use reusable tokens
Here, I would use the "uses left" field of the token to set a large number of uses and then give one token to each of the country leaders that he could forward to his participants.
My self-evaluation of this solution is:
+ No efforts on country leaders' side
+ Very easy to setup
- Tokens can be forwarded by participants too
- Tracking using tokens is almost inexistent
- Country leaders would not be able to see their results (not a big show stopper)
- Would this work at all?

2. Use a copy of the Survey for each country and give country leaders rights to the survey so that they can create and send the tokens themselves
My self-evaluation of this solution is:
+ More secured as participants cannot forward their tokens
+ Can assign country leaders rights to see their results directly
- Need to create and administer one survey per country (between 20 and 40)
- Need to train country leaders to use LimeSurvey for token generation and email sending
- I could not find find complete documentation regarding the survey user rights and I have noticed that for users to manage tokens they need to have the "activate survey" rights. Could you please tell me the list of rights associated with this? (I would not want them to be able to deactivate the survey f.ex.)
- Any other foreseeable shortcomings?

Of course, should you have another proposal for my problem, I'd be delighted to hear it :)

Thanks in advance,

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5 years 11 months ago #57694 by Renuplex
Nobody has any suggestions regarding this?

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