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Dual-Scale condition

6 years 1 week ago #57141 by id_wahyu
Need another help from LS-master.
I am using the question type Array Dual Scale. First scale is yes/no and 2nd scale is the rating, which suppose to be only for who answer yes at 1st scale.
Or if answer no, directly only N/A available at 2nd scale. Possible?

Anybody can help show me how to define the condition for such case?

Many thanks in advance.

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6 years 1 week ago #57166 by Mazi
That's not what the dual scale question was designed for and therefor this isn't possible.

Try the following:
Instead of using yes/no change your question text like "Please tick the items which you like to rate". Then use a multiple option question.
At a following array question create your own ratings and make use of the array filter question attribute. This way only items ticked previously will be shown at the following ratig question.

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