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Need Help! Can I do that

6 years 3 weeks ago #56324 by kaylas
Hi There,

i muss do that komplex exercise;

first Table:
1.Subject2. Subject3. Subject
1. ChoiceSelectbox(70 item)Selectbox(70 item)Selectbox(70 item)
2. ChoiceSelectbox(70 item)Selectbox(70 item)Selectbox(70 item)
3. ChoiceSelectbox(70 item)Selectbox(70 item)Selectbox(70 item)

second Table , its about first Subject.

1. Question2. Question3. Question
1. Choice(an item from above Selectbox-table1)Selectbox(60 item)Selectbox(30 item)Yes/No Question
2. ChoiceSelectbox(60 item)Selectbox(30 item)Yes/No Question
3. ChoiceSelectbox(60 item)Selectbox(30 item)Yes/No Question

is it possible to do that?

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6 years 3 weeks ago #56344 by Mazi
A mixture of question types isn't possible at Limesurvey. You can find a list of supported question types here:

For the first question a dual scale (dropdown) question type might do the trick.

To show answers selected at a previous question have a look at the question attribute "array_filter":

Best regards/Beste Grüße,
Dr. Marcel Minke
(Limesurvey Head of Support)
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