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How well does Lime Survey Scale up in volume

6 years 2 days ago #55267 by EricLomm

We are looking at using lime survey in a school environment where up to 150 or 200 people conceivably could be accessing our survey site at the same time.

Would LimeSurvey have any issues in scaling up to meet that volume of usage? if so are there limits on the volume we could handle? Is this more a question for my web hosting company?

Eric Lommatsch

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6 years 1 day ago #55269 by holch
This very much depends on the hardware and the configuration of your server. Limesurvey seems to scale pretty well on a decent software (search in the forum, there is a sticky somewhere about this). Carsten might have some first hand experiences as well.

Have a look at the manual! It is a really valuable source for information. Here some helpful links:
Manual (EN) | Question Types | Workarounds

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6 years 1 day ago #55296 by Mazi
Have a look at

Usually this amount of users should be no problem as long as you don't use a shared hosting. It pretty much depends on the hardware (CPU time and memory) of your server.

I can recommend using which is a Limesurvey hosting optimized for large surveys/user groups.

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