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Email Results -- Showing Replacement Fields

6 years 3 weeks ago #56090 by radu
I am using the current beta but I cannot seem to be able to activate these options to include the options each user selected in the survey, to him, in the confirmation email.

Or did I got this wrong and this is a different feature.

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6 years 3 weeks ago #56106 by Mazi
This should be fixed at the latest 1.91RC3 version: "Fixed issue #4864: INSERTANS replacement fields note replaced in Confirmation email subject and message."

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6 years 3 weeks ago #56249 by radu

I saw in your attachement that you were able to enable answers being sent in the confirmation email.
Would you mind explaining the steps needed to include the answers in the confirmation email.. I really could not figure it out and I could use some pointers...
Many thanks.

smyoss wrote: Hey Guys --

I just installed a fresh copy of the latest version of the software (Version 1.90+ Build 9642) and I can't seem to get the replacement fields working correctly. No matter what I try or do it still is showing {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_3} or {INSERTANS:74997X53X275} in the results emails. Here are my settings:

I've done everything I can think. Is anybody else having this problem?? This affects all exported PDF reports and emails.

I have attached a PDF copy of the email that is being sent as well as the exported PDF.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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