Using a single questionnaire for mid- and final evaluation of a project ?

5 months 2 weeks ago #177850 by qde_hes_so
Dear all,

As I am a new Limesurvey user, I hope this question will make sense - but I haven't found an answer in the manual or on this forum.

I have to evaluate a training programme for which participants must answer some questions after half of the training is complete, and some other questions after the training has been closed.

Each participant must be identified (it is not an anonymous questionnaire).

Some questions are the same mid and final, some question only appear in the final one.

Therefore, in order to avoid asking all participants (12 of them) to re-enter their identification information, I would like to create a single questionnaire containing all questions, but :

- some hidden before and after a certain date (final questions only appear after a set date, whilst mid ones are hidden after a certain date so they don't appear anymore when the final questions are answered).
- a questionnaire that I could "pause" or "lock" between the moment it has been answered for the first time (mid term of the training) and the moment it has to be completed again (final term).

Is this possible, or must I make two different questionnaires ?

Many thanks for your help and advice on how to solve this !


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5 months 2 weeks ago #177857 by holch
I think it is far more practical to use a common code (use tokens!) for the two questionnaires and join everything later in the analysis stage. I find it a lot cleaner. Just ask the details in the first stage. But make sure that the tokens are always the same (or at least a student ID is included into a custom attribute into the token table which is the same for both waves).

I guess there would be ways to do this in one questionnaire only, but I think you will need a lot of work arounds and I don't think it will be a very good user experience.

You could even export the answers given to the first evaluation and include them into custom attributes of the token table and then could use them in the second questionnaire. I find this a much better approach than to use the same questionnaire. Because you either would have to allow them an additional evaluation (in order not to overwrite what they have already evaluated) or you would have to make sure they can't overwrite the mid term evaluation.

I would go for two different questionnaires.

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