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8 months 1 week ago #177777 by Matiasko

I would like to know how to disable next/submit button on the current page until certain answer is given. Perfect would be to do this with 'ui-state-disabled'.

I found answer for this question but for the LS version prior to 3.0 update. It would be perfect to know how to do this in 3 cases:
  • Single answer radio button question with "Yes" (A1) and "No" (A2) answers so when Yes is selected the button gets enabled but when nothing is selected or someone chose (changed answer to) "No" it is (gets) disabled
  • The same but with Yes/No mask question because it behaves differently (stating "Y" or "N")
  • Multiple answer question with one "I agree" (SQ001) answer (just for that fancy looking tick-box) that when it isn't selected the button is disabled and when someone tickes it, it gets enabled

As far as I know this should be done by first disabling the said button, and adding listeners for the questions. I would like to point out that sometimes there might be two questions of this kind on the same page. For example one question Q1 is single answer radio button with "Yes" and "No" and second question Q2 is multiple answers with answer "I agree". In this situation I need both "Yes" in Q1 and "I agree" in Q2 selected to enable the next/submit button.


For the multiple answer with one answer "I agree" I know that making it obligatory won't let participant proceed without selecting it. First, I want to understand how to do this disabling/enabling stuff with different question types. Second, I don't want participants to see popup and red text "You need to answer this question!", just make them unable to click next/submit in the first place.

Example survey attached.

I am using 3.13.2 version.

Best regards


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