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5 months 3 weeks ago #177602 by holch
Yes, this is clear, what is not clear is where the data from oppid and show come from to find out if you couldn't just create new token entries with additional attributes oppid and show in it. You would save oppid as a custom attribute and you would show save as a custom attribute via API in your token table. Then you can access this information from within your survey and do not even have to use the URL to transmit it.

Now if this information can change after you created your participant in the token table, then of course you can't save this information in the token table. But you are not giving us this information, so we can't know.

There is a difference between dynamic:
1. every user has a specific oppid and information for show, but they do not change for the participant. Then you can just save them as custom attributes in the token table and can access this data from within their survey.
2. the data oppid and show can change for respondents any time after creating them in the token table. Then it doesn't make sense to save them in the token table.

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5 months 2 weeks ago #177606 by DenisChenu

soubhikbasu wrote: I am trying to Send survey URL to the participants dynamic Like:




Use token attribute …

And following holch :
For 1 : in Remote control you set attribute at creation
For 2 : with remote control : you can update attribute (set_participant_properties)

@holch : when send email : the only way to have different email is attribute. Since yoàu can always update any value in token table : it‘s OK to use it :)

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