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11 months 3 weeks ago #176121 by Institut
Hello, i'm designing a survey for some fieldwork in which researchers are helping some informers to fill in the surveys, and at the same time a link of the survey is sent to lots of diferent agents, as it is a prospective fieldwork.

I was wondering if there is the possibility to make an open access survey (no public registration), so:

1. Once someone opens the link and starts answering, Lime automatically generates an entry in the participants table (a token). This is needed, so that I can automatically send the reminder notifications via mail (mail is one of the first questions). If i don't set to 'YES' the 'public registration' option, the participant answers they only appear in the 'answer' section, ther ID created doesn't allow me to make 'automatic processes' with this data, like sending reminder mails.

2. One researcher can introduce the information of diferent surveys with the same link.

Is this combination possible? I haven't managed to do so.

Thank you very much,

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