Maximum weight-age/value of an answer ?

7 months 3 weeks ago #174576 by samk9in

I am fairly new to LimeSurvey and so far playing around with it. Big thankyou to the developers :)
I am using assessments and Expression Manager and cant figure out as to how to get maximum answer value of a question:
I have setup an array of 10 questions (Q1 till Q10). None mandatory. Every sub-question (SQ001 till SQ010) has a score of 4 till 0. If out of 10, if the user answers 5 questions, then how do I get the maximum weightage/value of each of the 5 sub-questions. In the enclosed picture, user answers Q2,Q4,Q6,Q8,Q10. They score 2,3,2,3,2 = 12 in total out of 20. Which formula do I need to get this 20. I tried the max function but it pulls max value from the answered questions. For example if for a respective answer if the user selects answer having weightage 3 then the max function as 3 instead of 4. {max(Q1_SQ001.value,Q2_SQ002.value,Q3_SQ003.value,IO02_SQ004.value,IO02_SQ005.value)}

I have enclosed a picture for your reference.
Could someone please help :)


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7 months 3 weeks ago #174608 by jelo
The picture was not attached to this thread. But you might better attach a survey example (LSS export).

The meaning of the word "stable" for users

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