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9 months 2 days ago #174372 by ititca
Good Day;

Currently building a survey that's being more used along the lines of a poll/voting, and have settled on using the List (Dropdown) Question Type. Been trying to find through the documentation and forms on how to do a couple things to no avail.

The survey has four question groups, with each question group currently having six questions and six answers to allow for the participant to select from a dropdown menu what their First/Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth/Sixth place selections are.

What I'm having trouble finding info on is with:

- Setting up a condition that would prohibit the participant from selecting the same answer (Ex: Sample A) for all six questions, while maintaining the question as being a mandatory question to answer.

- Setting up Sub-Questions for each of the six answers that allows for the participant to provide a text-entry score, between 1 to 10, on six attributes that are universal among all answers in the question group.

- Grouping each answer's attribute scores into individual "attribute" groups in a manner where, when viewing results based on a certain attribute, it will give us a breakdown on scoring for each answer while giving us a combined overall score from all six attributes associated with an answer to numerically determine which answers are First/Second/Third/Fourth/Fifth/Sixth place.

I consider myself to be quite tech savvy, but I am honestly lost as where to look to seek the answers I'm in need of. Any and all suggestions/tips/assistance is greatly appreciated.

Cheers :)

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