Set default selected array item to 0

7 months 3 weeks ago #173278 by teracomp
I have an Array(Numbers) question type that asks the respondent to identify the number of people in their household for each age range listed. There are 11 age ranges in the y-axis. The x-axis lists 0..5 in a dropdown list to choose from.

I need this question to be mandatory, but obviously, not every age range is in every household. As a result, I needed to set the default value for each y-axis item to 0 and select the drop down. Then the respondent can set the appropriate values where needed.

Here's the code I added to set this default.
<script type="text/javascript">
  for( var i=1; i<12; i++ ){
   $("#answer111133X316X6454age" + i + "_nbr1 option[value='0']").prop('selected', true);

Is this the right approach to solving this? Or did I miss something in the question setup?

Thanks for looking.

Dave Phillips

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7 months 3 weeks ago #173295 by tpartner
I think you could set the default with an equation question.

Something like:

{Q1_age1_nbr1 = if(is_empty(Q1_age1_nbr1), 0, Q1_age1_nbr1)}

(I am working from my phone today so can't test)

Tony Partner
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