Get list of answer ID's from a previous multiple choice

7 months 3 weeks ago #170409 by urbana
Hi, sorry for all my questions - no run at the moment :)

I need a list of all the answer ID's which have been chosen in a previous multiple choice question.

So the multiple is:
effectYes with Id's from 1 to 120

I tried it with:
var effectID = "{list(that.effectYes.value)}";
var effectID = "{list(that.effectYes.valueNAOK)}";
var effectID = "{list(that.effectYes)}";
var effectID = "{list(that.effectYes.code)}";

But I always get a "Y" or better, a list of "Y".
This isn't what I need, I need the list of ID's

Any ideas?

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