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10 months 1 week ago #163143 by Bradleyfshepherd
Bradleyfshepherd created the topic: Simple Admin Front-end
I'm looking into ways to simplify my university's course evaluation process. The current evaluation process involves paper evaluations, erroneous results, and wasted time.

What I'm trying to do is create some kind of admin walk-through page for instructors to construct a course evaluation for each course he/she taught during the semester. Almost like a survey for creating a survey. The survey would be saved in a database of course evaluations for the semester and sent out to students at the end of the semester.

I imagine the flow to be similar to the following:

1. Near the end of the semester, each instructor would be sent an email with a custom link to an evaluation construction page specific to a course he/she taught that semester.
2. The instructor is asked a series of questions (e.g. "did your course use a lab?" or "did your course use a teaching assistant?").
3. A custom course evaluation would be created automatically based on the instructor's responses to these questions.
4. At the end of the survey, there may be an overview displaying the evaluation the instructor created. In this page, the instructor would be able to add custom questions (either predefined using a search or written in).
5. When the instructor is done, the survey is saved in a database where it can be used to send to students later.

Is this possible with LimeSurvey? If not, are there other solutions that could help with this? Thanks in advance.

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