How To Display All Statistics Together For The Ranking Question Type?

1 year 6 months ago #160002 by proaudience

I've been trying to create a poll of "The 25 Best Songs of XYZ Singer/ Composer" kind to raise the level of engagement for my weblog's visitors. I've selected "Ranking" question type with multiple answer field for this purpose. The problem is, however, that the statistics for all answer fields get displayed separately after the completion of any such poll/ survey. I'm unable to find a way of displaying them as a single list or in a more precise manner, without which the purpose of this whole exercise gets completely lost.

An example survey could be found below.

Survey :

statistics :

Is it possible to achieve what I've been trying for in my case? If yes, then how exactly?

Thanks in advance,

Pankaj Mohan

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1 year 6 months ago #160087 by DenisChenu
How do you want to show the list ? A score for all with medium ?

there are a lot of way of doing this using another (hidden) question and Expression Manager

A exemple with "scoring" facility (you must update QCode and ChoiceX according to your survey)

An hidden multi numeric question (score), same choice then ranking question type (rank), c01,c02 … for the choice
An hidden equation question type with
Aftyer you have a score for all choice.

It's an example

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1 year 6 months ago #160121 by proaudience
Hi DenisChenu,

1) A bar (proportional to the song's ranking in the poll results) and the score thereafter, will be the most convenient way for showcasing such polls, IMO.

2) Another way can be to rank songs in positions based on their total aggregate votes (i.e. an average of whatever ranks each of them have gotten during the poll).

However, I know by now that it won't be easy for a person like me, who has a limited coding knowledge, to make any of the above two scenarios possible. As a start though, I'm going to play around the equation type question you have mentioned about in your above post.

Thanks for responding to my query, anyway.

Pankaj Mohan

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