prefilling User-defined attribute fields by URL when call the survey

3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #132310 by jamarin
How can I pre-fill user-defined attributes in the public registry screen?

I need to prefill survey answers using the survey URL, but for a survey with public registry (that is, I couldn't know the token in advance).
I know how to pass values to answers in a survey without tokens (using urls like: )

But I need to use Tokens in the survey to trace responses, reminders and confirmation email.
I Know I can add user-defined attribute fields to the public-registration page of the survey. But I don't know how to pass the values to those user defined fields by URL.
Example of one of the scenarios where I want to use this:
To link self-assessment and with rater-assessment.
The self assessment phase it is very easy to implement using public registry. Every participant gets his/her token and LimeSurvey send automatically by email a short report to them (using the confirmation email).
In this report I would like to include a link to the rater-assessment phase and the participant can send this link to 5-6 people to be assessed by them.
Instead to create token on the fly for the rater, that seems not very easy to implement for novices as me, I plan to use the public-registry standard feature for raters
But I need to pass by survey URL the value of three user-defined attributes field (I need to prefill them automatically to prevent errors) :

The rater only will have to fill the standard fields: name, surname, email (of the rater) in the registration screen
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