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3 years 5 months ago #131879 by mosesontheweb01

I'm quite new to Limesurvey, so don't beat me if this question may have been asked already.

I'm maintainer of a workflow in our company, handling the change process. One of the tools used for determining the classification and priority is an Excel worksheet, which uses some basic VB functions to show a final result based on a ruleset and the answer of some keyfields.

To be honest, I hate Makros since it means to modify your security settings, and it's a pain in the a** to send a Makro worksheet around in the company, since it can mean that two people may have two different sheets about the same topic - which one is the right one?

Thus I came along the idea to use a questionnaire tool with the ability, to show an immediate score and result based on the given answers. The question for me is if Limesurvey may be the right tool for this kind of task. The tool for replacing the Excel worksheet should be able to show questions upon the answers before (I guess Limesurvey can do this), in the background the questionnaire should keep values and in the end it should calculate an answer about classification, priority, approver, next steps. Additional bonus would be that those answers can be reviewed later again.

Is such a thing possible with Limesurvey?

Many thanks for your answers, regards, Thomas

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3 years 5 months ago #131893 by tammo
Replied by tammo on topic Questionnaire and scoring
Hi Thomas, we have built an application that collects data from a user and afterwards displays a report in which the user is shown her/his own results (with feedback, accourding to the scores) and a comparison between the respondent and others, accouding to the sector where they are working. Unfortunately, this is in Dutch only.

But if you are courageous enough and want to try, here is a link to a page describing this:

Greetings from Holland,


Tammo ter Hark at Tools for Research
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