How to get a percentage of correct answers from the survey?

3 years 11 months ago #122641 by khakimovd

I do have my survey configured and it does collect all information that I want. Now, i'm stuck at the analysis part.

Lets say , for example, my survey has 10 questions. Once someone has finished the survey I want to see the percentage of "correct" answers attached in the survey, so when I go to statistic page of the survey I can easily filter it by that "correct" percentage field.

Is that possible? Could you please help me?

I read about piping/tailoring but it gives the report at the end as a table with the answers which has been chosen. This is also good for the report part, but how can I create an expression which will calculate the percentage of the correct answers and writes it in to some hidden field for analysis purpose?

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3 years 11 months ago #122648 by tpartner
  1. Enable assessments -
  2. Give all correct answers an assessment value of 1 and all wrong answers a value of 0
  3. Use Expression Manager to load an equation type question with a "score" -

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