Separate surveys correlation

4 years 6 days ago #120493 by albe
Hi guys,
I'm currently using Limesurvey for a couple of anonymous surveys, with access limited with the use of one time tokens.
Basically it's for a non-profit organization that provides some information about internet security, safe browsing and so on to teens/pre-teens (in schools) and their parents (with two separate surveys).

We are currently thinking of the best way to keep the surveys anonymous, while being able to correlate the survey of each student to the one of his/her parent.
We are printing out the 2 tokens (one for the child survey, one for the parent one) on the same label and handing them during the lessons, so we have an association "tokenChild-tokenParent", but as far as I know the token used to complete a specific survey is not an information that is saved on Limesurvey DB...

Obviously we could modify the surveys but I'm still wondering what's the best way to do it.
Could you suggest a solution?
Thank you!

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4 years 6 days ago #120503 by tpartner
With anonymous surveys, there is absolutely no connection between the token table and the data table. I think you will need to set the surveys to non-anonymous.

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4 years 5 days ago #120536 by jboogie21
I have seen in other threads that you could put something in the actual survey that helps link the two, but then the question becomes why not just make the survey non-anonymous.

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