A somewhat silly survey design - realizable in Limesurvey?

4 years 1 week ago #119195 by new_bee
I have the following task to be solved with an online survey:
A group of 600 organizations has to be evaluated regularly (once a year). Each organization belongs to one of 20 umbrella organizations.
People from each organization should be able to access the questionnaire without restrictions (user registration, passwords), only a captcha has to be included. After a questionnaire is completed, an e-mail has to be automatically sent to a revisor sitting in one of the 20 umbrella organizations. This e-mail should give notice:
- That a new data record has been generated
- Give the revisor reading access to the new data record
- Enable the revisor to answer in an additional field if the questionnaire is filled out in a plausible manner (yes /no)
There is no other way to implement this somewhat silly survey design, so the only question for me is if it is possible to implement it with LimeSurvey.

I really would like to solve this task in LimeSurvey because I have already been working successfully with the predecessor (PHPSurveyor).

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