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Supplier rating

The Online survey tool for supplier ratings

Document delivery performance of your suppliers. Whether it is a supplier survey or standardized input control, LimeSurvey's simple and logical survey structure gives you the ideal tool to ensure a continuing quality.
Use a static questionnaire to check incoming goods using always the same questions- or use LimeSurvey in conjunction with your phone support.

"Don't repeat yourself" principle

Use your questions and answers again and again and simply export them.
With LimeSurvey you can easily insert pre-defined questions and question groups into new surveys. Or directly copy entire surveys to avoid repetitions in the workflow.
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Flexible use

Numerous diffent ways of survey entry give the opportunity to use LimeSurvey in all areas of quality assurance, whether as a direct survey to your suppliers or customers, or as a questionnaire for your support staff.

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