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market research

Market research

The online survey tool for market research.

Market research is one of the focal tasks for any organisation when trying to gain an edge over competitors. Why is that? Information attained with market research processes delivers valuable insights into customer behaviour and target markets. This is where LimeSurvey steps in and helps you concentrate on the results, not on the processes.
With LimeSurvey you do not need to put a lot of effort into survey creation. Rather use that energy for your results or for survey design. You can choose from 28 different question types, including ranking, long/short text, 5 point and 10 point array, or plain multiple choice.
Once you have created a question master you can copy it and save it for later or reuse it in the same survey.
This saves time through effective design.

Market research made more effective

It has never been easier to conduct market research. Take LimeSurvey's inbuilt quota management, for example. Just set quotas to the region of your participants, so you may only get answers of the specific region you are researching. Or try to filter by income, even a lock by IP address is possible.

Get results faster

LimeSurvey empowers you to reduce your surveys to selected participants.
Just put in your participants' email addresses and invite them comfortably with our participant management.
Even reminding your participants is possible with Limesurvey.
Set custom attributes for your participants and use them in your surveys. With the central participant panel in Limesurvey it has never been easier to manage lots and lots of participants. Even silent redirects after a survey are possible thanks to custom attributes.

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