• A picture with many people on a street
  • A picture with many people on a street
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Do good things

LimeSurvey for charitable organisations

Feedback for assemblies, or project control

LimeSurvey has a history closely related to charitable organisations. With that in mind we take pride in the fact that we care a lot for those who care. Be it questionnaires for a monthly assembly or the public poll for the next event. LimeSurvey offers benefits to charitable organisations and associations to facilitate their work.

Social Responsibility

Some of our competitors take very high fees or cut out vital software features in the lower priced packages. LimeSurvey doesn't do that. The only thing we bill is the volume of responses per month.
We know were we came from and hold firm to our social responsibility. That‘s why we give a discount to charitable organisations. Just get in contact and we will find a solution.
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Many ways of using LimeSurvey

Ask your members for their opinion, or check if everything is ok with your volunteers. Organize meetings and events, by polling key data and basic parameters like time, place and agenda. Ask your passive members if they want to interact somehow, or support studies to be more effective in representing your members.

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