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LimeSurvey 2.00+ build 131022

-New translation: Armenian
-New translation: Dari
-New translation: Fula
-New translation: Georgian
-New translation: Gujarati by Parag Agarwal
-New translation: Kinyarwanda
-New translation: Marathi by Parag Agarwal
-New translation: Pashto
-Fixed issue #7610: Failing check for existing database with DBLIB driver
-Fixed issue #8107: Poor error message when user loads previously saved survey
-Fixed issue #8227: Time difference not being applied on update check time
-Fixed issue #8231: Anonymous survery with tokens allow multiple responses directly after token table creation
-Fixed issue #8261: Quota Tabs in multi lingual survey not displaying properly.
-Fixed issue #8262: Some buttons in the HTML Editor do not work in Internet Explorer 10
-Fixed issue #8263: Admin whith ability to update can not update
-Fixed issue #8264: SQL error when try export to csv an participants with added attributes
-Fixed issue #8265: Entering double dot in a numeric question empty value
-Fixed issue #8279: JavaScript-Error in date.js
-Fixed issue #8292: Minor XSS vulnerability in adminstration survey list
-Fixed issue #8295: Data for additional token attributes is not saved
-Fixed issue: Strange characters in language selector
-Fixed issue: Survey with 'alloweditaftercompletion' allways start at first step
#Updated translation: Afrikaans by claudiog
#Updated translation: Bulgarian by DCLXVI
#Updated translation: Catalan by valdomir
#Updated translation: Czech by slansky
#Updated translation: French by DenisChenu
#Updated translation: French by DenisChenu, arnaud21
#Updated translation: Georgian by giorgi, c_schmitz
#Updated translation: German by actxcellence, ResearchOnBlogs
#Updated translation: German by actxcellence
#Updated translation: Greek by kiolalis
#Updated translation: Indonesian by hendrikots, c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Malay by apisznasdin, kayrooldeen
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Occitan by Cedric31
#Updated translation: Polish by elisa
#Updated translation: Portuguese by tpazos
#Updated translation: Portuguese by nery, samarta
#Updated translation: Serbian by OnSpot
#Updated translation: Slovenian by dusan
#Updated translation: Spanish by valdomir, fercavero
#Updated translation: Thai by adzpire
#Updated translation: Turkish by kayazeren
#Updated translation: Vietnamese by bdthuy, vouhieuso1, votsdb, thanhthao...
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