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-Fixed issue #7803: IE7 Multiple choice with comments and button "precedent"
-Fixed issue #7827: Ampersands in end url are encoded for non-admins
-Fixed issue #7829: not able to print answers in pdf with Chinese character
-Fixed Issue #7830: Add question code to result of remote controls list_questions
-Fixed issue #7833: Error "Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active" when editing conditions
-Fixed issue #7840: Short Text responses not displaying properly in .csv export
-Fixed issue #7843: Date/time field does not display value, when visited again
-Fixed issue #7844: PHPSESSID cookie is not httponly
-Fixed issue #7851: SQL injection in "user_name" form field
-Fixed issue #7860: Reflected XSS in delete user functionality
-Fixed issue #7864: RemoteControl2 function get_summary/completed_responses gives no valid return value
-Fixed issue: Don't translate mandatory column at token upload
-Fixed issue: Javascript popup or mandatory string not shown
-Fixed issue: Relevane equation hints not translated
-Fixed issue: Untranslated strings when creating label sets from answer options/subquestions
-Fixed issue: Various problems when reloading a saved entry on a survey using tokens and anonymized responses
#Updated translation: Arabic by ysaad
#Updated translation: Basque by josegovia
#Updated translation: Bulgarian by ataylder
#Updated translation: Dutch by Han
#Updated translation: Dutch by Han
#Updated translation: Finnish by shrike
#Updated translation: French by arnaud21, DenisChenu
#Updated translation: German by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: German by c_schmitz
#Updated translation: Greek by kiolalis
#Updated translation: Japanese by nomoto
#Updated translation: Mongolian by erka
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Norwegian by pmonstad
#Updated translation: Occitan by Cedric31
#Updated translation: Polish by elisa
#Updated translation: Portuguese by samarta
#Updated translation: Slovak by sweetakasha
#Updated translation: Spanish by valdomir
#Updated translation: Swedish by khan
#Updated translation: Welsh by NortonT...

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