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Dear all,

I´ve created a quiz. On the last page I´d like to create a summary that shows which answers the participant has given and let him know if the answer was right or wrong like this:

You scored correctly on 4 of the 13 questions.

Question : Which of the following statistical methods are multivariate?
Your answer: "Cluster analysis" and "Cross-Tabulation"
That is the FALSE answer.
The correct answer is: "Cluster analysis" and "multiple regression".

I already succeeded at creating a syntax in order to show the participant whether he answered correctly. But I don´t know how to adjust the it so that the answer which the participant chose is shown before (the" Your answer: "Cluster analysis" and "Cross-Tabulation" part". Do you know how the syntax would finally look like?

if( ! is_empty(A1_SQ001.NAOK) and is_empty(A1_SQ002.NAOK) and is_empty(A1_SQ003.NAOK) and ! is_empty(A1_SQ004.NAOK), "That is the correct answer.", "That is the false answer. The correct answer is..")

A1 "Which of the following statistical methods are multivariate?" (multiple choice)

SQ001 Cluster analysis

SQ002 Variance

SQ003 Cross-tabulation

SQ004 Multiple regression

Moreover: How do I generate the summary of correct scores like "You scored correctly on 4 of the 13 questions."?

What would the syntax look like for this? Unfortunately it´s not possible to do this with the assessment function since I´m using question types like ranking and numerical input that are excluded from this function.

So 1. How do I let lime survey know which answer(s) is correct for each question?
2. How do I create an overwiev of correct answers?

I´m sorry - the lime survey syntax is new to me and still a little confusing . This is the reason why I´m always asking for concrete syntax examples.

Thanks a lot for your support!

Kind regards


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