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Hi friends,
i have a survey that has around 100 questions ( some questions are conditional, that is why there is too many, but when clients take it, only 10 to 15 questions shows up at their end).
when i run the statistic report, i get 100 answers on my report, even the one that don't apply to the filters that i am using, i can manually check the questions that i want their results to show up.

my question is, is there a way that i save the template of some selected statistic questions and i run the statistic report from the template ? like i don't want to manually select 15 questions out of 100 each time i want to run the statistic, i want to save the template and just run it as needed and it run only the 15 questions that i saved before.. is that possible in LimeSurvey?

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Respuesta de holch sobre el tema template for some statistics
Not that I know of. The limesurvey "statistics" tool is rather a simple reporting tool the get a first idea of results during the field time. Limesurvey is primarily a data collection tool, not a data analysis tool.

If you need more sofisticated analysis, I guess you will need to use a tool that is made for this.

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