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    Free Open Source Software survey tool on the web.

  • Why use LimeSurvey and not some other commercial tool?

    Why use LimeSurvey and not some other commercial tool?

    • Free: Install where you want and as many times as you like - no costs.
    • Open Source: Inspect the source code, change it to do your bidding or create plugins to do so.
    • Data safety: Sensitive response data stays in your hands - saved on your own servers.
    • Limitless: Collect responses without limits, create an unlimited number of surveys
    • International: Available in 80 (yes, eighty!) languages
    • Borderless: Export & import numerous formats used for surveys, responses and label sets

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  • What if I need support?

    What if I need support?

    We have it all in case you need it:

    • Literary: A detailed manual in various languages
    • Outsourcing: Try our own professional hosting service LimeService
    • Huge community: Community support by using our forums and IRC
    • Professional support: Any service needed is avilable by the licensed Official LimeSurvey Partners

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We're pleased to announce the release of 1.92 RC5 which you can download it from here.

It fixes all of the reported bugs in 1.92 RC4, especially some issues discovered with multilingual support.  We expect this to be the final release candidate before releasing 1.92 stable near the end of February.

1.92 includes many new and improved features, plus dozens of bug fixes.  The wiki documentation has been updated to clarify which features are new.  You can also review the old 1.92 RC announcements for details of the main new and improved features.

So, please test 1.92 RC5 and let us know if you find any issues (by reporting them to the bugtracker).

You can also test 1.92 RC5 at the demo site:  www.limesurvey.org/demo