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Stable Plus Versions Available!

Due to the fact that we are receiving updated and even new translations every week and we were looking for a way to offer always the latest stable version with all small hotfixes applied we decided to go for a model that the Open Source e-learning software Moodle is using very successfully: The Plus version !

This version will be updated every week without notice and contains the latest stable version (as of now 1.52) with all new and updated languages and small bugfixes applied. No new functionality will be in that plus version!

You will still be able to download for reference purposes the normal version 1.52. If you don't know what version to choose, always choose the Stable Plus Version since it contains the latest stuff and is most stable. 

For example the latest LimeSurvey 1.52 Plus version sports a completely new language: Basque!
This language was kindly provided by Juan Ezeiza Gutiérrez from Axular and we are very proud to be the host of such a translation! Now we can provide LimeSurvey translated into 30 different languages!

Also I would like to say a big thank you to Mark Yeung, who provided a complete Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong Dialect) translation. He not only translated the application but he also did a complete translation of the online manual to Chinese, too! Mark is maintaining an e-learning website for Chinese people who want to learn English. 



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