LimeSurvey 2012 Fund-Raiser - Letter from Jason Cleeland - LimeSurvey Founder

Dear LimeSurvey user,

When I first released LimeSurvey all those years ago I could never have imagined how much it would grow. Now after more than 9 years of history, development and use it is an extraordinarily powerful and complex tool that unlocks vast quantities of amazing information from your participants.

From those small beginnings LimeSurvey has established itself as the world’s predominant Open Source Online Survey tool. It hasn’t done this through luck. Hard and consistent work has been required, and continues to be needed if we want LimeSurvey to keep getting better, faster and more powerful.

This year the LimeSurvey is seeking donations from our community. We’re asking because – although our 20 regular developers continue to add new features and work on bug fixing and performance improvements – there are some things that are just too complex and hard for part time volunteer workers to do. We’d like to pay for some development of LimeSurvey in particular to develop some features such as:

  • A plugin system for new question types, authentication, import and exporting so that users and developers can quickly and easily build their own LimeSurvey plugins without having to integrate them into the core;
  • A documented XML-RPC Rest API to allow remote control of LimeSurvey from other software to support almost all administration functions and allow integration of LimeSurvey with other systems (like a CMS)
  • An enhanced assessment (scoring) system
  • A new question designer with improved usability
  • A better reporting system to allow easy creation of custom reports (statistical analyses) with templates and on a survey by survey basis.

To do this we’re calling on the LimeSurvey community to contribute money which we’ll then pool and use to build these great new features.

You’ve already seen how much can be achieved with LimeSurvey and Open Source software. Help us kick things along even faster. Please join us by donating.


Jason Cleeland, LimeSurvey Founder.

If you have more questions before you donate please have a look at our donation FAQ!

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