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User Interface Design Changelog

Hey everyone, As you may know, the new version of LimeSurvey is here! We made several changes to...

Hey everyone, As you may know, the new version of LimeSurvey is here! We made several changes to the user interface to improve the user experience. So we have been working on making the first steps in terms of stabilizing and improving the user interface. More enhancements are on the way, we will keep you posted. The following is the new UI design changelog for the latest version of LimeSurvey. We will update you on even more changes to the user interface and other new features in future articles.  Below you will find the major user interface improvements to help you get started quickly and easily. Enjoy! “Create survey” shortcut in main navigation You just want to get going and cut to the chase? Great, just choose the first item from the main navigation and you’re ready to go. One click and you are exactly where you want to be, the survey section. Modals (Pop-Ups) All pop-ups in the application now have the same style and are built according to a certain structure to make the whole workflow more user-friendly. Page headers To get a better understanding of where you are in the application we have introduced green banners at the top of every screen of the application. Top bar The most important action buttons have been moved to the top bar and the amount of action buttons has been reduced to the essentials. Action buttons All action buttons are now styled in the same way and one specific action will always have the same icon associated with it for consistency. The most important actions are consistently positioned in the same location, to the left of the top bar. Furthermore, the most important action buttons have been moved to the left-hand side of all tables and we brought consistency in terms of icons, hovers, margins and the order of buttons. Additionally, small text balloons will appear when hovering over them, explaining the functionality of the concerning button. Tables All tables now have a new grid view class and are consistently styled and structured. You will find all buttons to help you see more information or make edits on the far left-hand side of the table. This helps you better manage your surveys, data and survey participants. Icons and small elements Three different icons for a single functionality like “Save”? No thanks! One icon is associated with exactly one functionality to make the design more accessible. The consistency makes for a better user experience. We also synchronized other small elements like dropdown-menu icons, page buttons of tables, main navigation elements and notifications. Pagination Under every table of the application you can now find consistent pagination to the far right-hand side. You can determine how many items you want your table to show you and, by doing so, customize your survey management.   We hope you enjoy the new version! Now it is even easier to turn your questions into answers.  We will update this changelog with more content whenever there are new elements to the user interface.More blog posts with specifics about these improvements and other changes to the user interface will follow in the upcoming period, so stay tuned. Have a nice day, everybody!

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