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Translators (Application)

Translations are hard work and we are very thankful for all the translations that have been done by this people. We are particularly looking for supervising translators for each language - if you are interested please get in touch with us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

If you just want to help with translations please have have a look at our translations instructions or directly head over to our translation website.

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Translators (Online Manual)

Check out the statistics on contributors for our online manual.

Past Contributors & Developers

Thank you to the following people who have contributed to LimeSurvey in the past (ordered by last name):

  • C. Scott Ananian
  • James Barkley (barkleja)
  • Mitchell Butler
  • Evan Caylor
  • Jeff Clement
  • Sabine Cretella
  • José Luis Ramírez Cuevas
  • Jan Doemen
  • Daniel Eggel
  • Marco Ermini
  • Arjen Gideonse
  • Andreas Gleis
  • Peterjan Heyse
  • Yao-Wen (Wayne) Huong
  • Rolf Njor Jensen
  • Odd-Jarle Kristoffersen
  • Frederik Kunz
  • Johannes Kutsam
  • Thibault Le Meur (lemeur)
  • Michael Macasek (macasek)
  • Patrick McKnight
  • Mark Meytin
  • Ronald Mulder
  • Brian O'Neill
  • Darrel O'Pry
  • Ulrika Olsson
  • Esteban A. Pérez (dgeaperez)
  • Bas Peusens
  • Mark Rabideau
  • Philip Roy
  • Gustavo San Roman (leochaton)
  • Andreas Schroeter
  • Dominik Sommer
  • Juhan Sonin (jsonin)
  • Brian Staats (bstaats)
  • Wes Sonnenreich
  • Karyl Stein
  • Eirik Sunde
  • Rob Thew (rob.thew)
  • François Tissandier
  • Tor de Vries
  • Shawn Wales (swales)
  • Chris Wessells
  • Verified Voting Foundation

...and many others (sorry if we've missed you!)

Your assistance has been invaluable. Well done and thank you for contributing to the Open Source Community!


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