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Editions & Pricing

Our editions

The right online survey solution for every application demand.

LimeSurvey Pro

  • Let us do the hosting. Available in 5 minutes or less.
  • Subscriptions FREE, BASIC, EXPERT and ENTERPRISE
  • High availability guaranteed*
  • Powerful servers at a location of your choice*.
  • Always the latest version and technical support included.

LimeSurvey CE

  • Self-hosted: To be installed on your own servers
  • FREE & PREMIUM versions possible
  • Technical support with our premium packages possible*
  • Complete functionality - no hidden or deactivated features.
  • Ideal for hands-on people with technical knowledge

Which version do I need?

If you want to use LimeSurvey without any download or configuration, take LimeSurvey Pro.
You can test it freely as long as you want, the only thing we bill is the response volume.

If you however have a running server infrastructure and want to integrate LimeSurvey into that, have a look on LimeSurvey CE.
Download it here. We offer great packages to enhance your installation with one-click updates and more custom themes.

Frequently asked questions

Your subscription month (or year, depending on your subscription) starts on the day you subscribe. So for example a LimeSurvey Professional BASIC package bought on April, 23rd will be automatically renewed on the 23rd of May.

The minimum runtime of a subscription is the base subscription period of the particular plan, but you can cancel them at any time.

If you cancel your subscription you will continue to have access to all features of your plan for the time period you already paid (this is the same for LimeSurvey Premium and LimeSurvey Professional). If you are using LimeSurvey Professional and the subscription has expired you will fall back to the Free package. You will still be able to access all collected responses and use all features of the Free version.

Yes. Your subscription will fall back to the FREE plan after your subscription has expired. Note that some features (such as domain aliasing) are only available with a paid subscription.

Yes. At the end of each subscription period your response volume is reset.
For example: The BASIC package for example will set your response volume to 1000 at the end of your month period.

Only after the paid subscription period ended your subscription will fall back to the FREE package, which will set your account to 25 responses.

We are sorry but the prepaid packages are not available anymore and also will not return in the future.

Limesurvey is Open Source that means we have a strong connection to charitable and educational users.
Following this idea we have come up with a discount system for all those with a small purse and a great cause.
We offer the following discounts:

Charitable organisations 30%
Universities/Schools 30%
Students 50%

To apply for one of our discounts please get in touch with us using our support tracker, or mail us under

Charitable organisations should provide a proof of charitability, or a description of their non-profit work.

Universities and schools should provide a description of their institution.

Students should provide a scanned copy (both sides) of their valid student ID-card.

We reserve the right to decline discount for any customer without providing cause.

I'm sorry, but we cannot give discounts for purchases in the past.
Yes, LimeSurvey software is Free Open Source - everyone can use, modify and distribute it for commercial, private and educational purposes under the GPL license v3
(btw, the name and logo LimeSurvey is trademarked, so please don't advertise commercial services using the LimeSurvey brand.)
Development of LimeSurvey has moved to a professional level, so we need funding to pay our developers.
That is why we now offer a premium package for LimeSurvey.
At first this Premium package will include ComfortUpdate only, which can be used to conveniently update LimeSurvey from within the application. If you don't want to use the ComfortUpdate function you can still update manually to the latest version.
At a later point we will add more functions to the Premium package, so stay tuned!