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Editions & Pricing

Our editions

The right online survey solution for every application demand.

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LimeSurvey Pro

  • Let us do the hosting. Available in 5 minutes or less.
  • Subscriptions FREE, BASIC, EXPERT and ENTERPRISE
  • High availability guaranteed*
  • Powerful servers at a location of your choice*.
  • Always the latest version and technical support included.
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LimeSurvey CE

  • Self-hosted: To be installed on your own servers
  • FREE & PREMIUM versions possible
  • Technical support with our premium packages possible*
  • Complete functionality - no hidden or deactivated features.
  • Ideal for hands-on people with technical knowledge

Which version do I need?

If you want to use LimeSurvey without any download or configuration, take LimeSurvey Pro.
You can test it freely as long as you want, the only thing we bill is the response volume.

If you however have a running server infrastructure and want to integrate LimeSurvey into that, have a look on LimeSurvey CE.
Download it here. We offer great packages to enhance your installation with one-click updates and more custom themes.