Personal Social Network Survey

Personal Social Network Survey
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Sascha Holzhauer
19 November 2012
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The personal network study as implemented in the attached .lss file consists of four parts: Name generator questions, Name interpreter questions, Eliciting alteri-alteri relations

•    Name generator input fields show up one after another. This may mitigate heaping effects that occur when a certain number of input fields is visible.
•    For name generators it is checked whether the same name was entered in another NG field (also across name generators)
•    For name generators it is also checked whether respondent typed a “,” or “;” which often indicates the misunderstanding of entering several persons in one text field.
•    Alteri elicited are sampled in order to apply name interpreters to reduce respondent’s burden. The number of sampled alteri can be specified.
•    Once the respondent passes the name generator section she is no longer able to edit, delete, or add responses to the NG. An according hint is given.
•    Name interpreter and alteri-alteri relation questions are only displayed for sampled alteri. I.e. if a respondent enters only five names NI and alteri-alteri relations are only displayed for these five persons.
•    Slider enables an analogous scale for closeness (bar initially hidden)
•    Translations in English and German (except ego related questions)

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