Survey templates

Complete example surveys in various languages for LimeSurvey 2.0 and newer

Personal Social Network Survey

Sascha Holzhauer

The personal network study as implemented in the attached .lss file consists of four parts: Name generator questions, Name interpreter questions, Eliciting alteri-alteri relations

•    Name generator input fields show up one after another. This may mitigate heaping effects that occur when a certain number of input fields is visible.
•    For name generators it is checked whether the same name was entered in another NG field (also across name generators)
•    For name generators it is also checked whether respondent typed a “,” or “;” which often indicates the misunderstanding of entering several persons in one text field.
•    Alteri elicited are sampled in order to apply name interpreters to reduce respondent’s burden. The number of sampled alteri can be specified.
•    Once the respondent passes the name generator section she is no longer able to edit, delete, or add responses to the NG. An according hint is given.
•    Name interpreter and alteri-alteri relation questions are only displayed for sampled alteri. I.e. if a respondent enters only five names NI and alteri-alteri relations are only displayed for these five persons.
•    Slider enables an analogous scale for closeness (bar initially hidden)
•    Translations in English and German (except ego related questions)

File Size:
279.37 kB

Group-Level Relevance (Sample Census)

Tom White

A pretend "census" survey demonstrating group-level relevance, looping through repeated groups, and custom reporting (tailoring).


File Size:
132.62 kB

Complex survey sample

Jason Cleeland

This is a short sample survey that uses some of the lesser known but more powerful features of LimeSurvey. In particular it demonstrates the use of conditions and micro-tailoring.

File Size:
34.68 kB

Spanish example survey - encuesta en Español

Fernando Cortes

Bueno para los creadores de encuestas en Español les va un ejemplo.

File Size:
49.63 kB

Questionari - Percezione brand cioccolata

File Size:
72.68 kB

Sondage d'exemple

Denis Chenu

Traduction du questionnaire d'exemple livré avec LimeSurvey

File Size:
279.96 kB

Example customer satisfaction survey (English)


This is a basic Customer Satisfaction Survey for measuring metrics.

File Size:
47.04 kB

Conditional - Condicionales (Spanish)

Wenceslao Fernández
File Size:
162.53 kB

Hotel satisfaction survey English/Spanish

Carsten Schmitz
File Size:
296.55 kB


Thomas White
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