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08 April 2019
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Welcome to LimeSurvey v3.x!

Warranty: This program is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied,
including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program is with you.
Should the program prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.
In no event will any copyright holder be liable to you for damages, including any general, special,
incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the program
(including but not limited to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained
by you or third parties or a failure of the program to operate with any other programs).

This release does have the following requirements:

*MySQL 5.5.3 or later OR Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later OR Postgres 8.1 or later
*PHP 5.5.9 or later with the following modules/libraries enabled:
*mbstring (Multibyte String Functions) extension library
*PDO database driver for MySQL (pdo_mysql or pdo_mysqli) or Postgres (pdo_pgsql) or MSSQL (pdo_sqlsrv for Windows and pdo_dblib for Linux)

If you are doing a complete new installation please refer to the manual at

Please also have a look at the "Installation security hints" section of the online manual in order to secure your installation.

=== UPGRADING=====
We suggest to check out and hold close to the instructions, which can be found in our online manual:

Thank you to everyone who helped with this new release!


Changes from 3.0.0-RC.2 (build 171102) to 3.0.0-RC.3 (build 171114) Nov 14, 2017:
-Dev: Add travis build tag to readme :) (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Survey TODO remove (#768) (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Tests adminViews: add assert message (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Tests adminViews: more views 1 (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Tests adminViews: more views 2 (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Tests adminViews: more views 3 (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adminSurveyViews - add surveyAssessments (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adminSurveyViews - add surveyEmailTemplates (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adminSurveyViews - add surveyLogicFile (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adminSurveyViews - add surveyNotificationOptions (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adminSurveyViews - add surveyPanelIntegration (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adminSurveyViews - add surveyPlugins (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adminSurveyViews - add surveyQuotas (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adminSurveyViews - add surveyResources - FAILS (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: fix some undefined things (#845) (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: implement survey booleans (#771) (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: remove .vscode (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: reverse allowing UID via GET (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests- add adminviews (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests- add adminviewsTest (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests- implement TestBaseClassWeb (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests- implement TestBaseClassWeb 2 (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests- implement getViewTestTag (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: update gitignore ro ignore IDE & dev folders (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: update gitignore to ignore IDE & dev folders (#770) (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: viewTests - Users (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: viewtests adminSurveyViews: add surveyTexts (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: reverting didn't work so now again reverted deactivate pjax (markusfluer)
-Dev: also fixed some other minor issues (markusfluer)
-Dev: Make view tests use dataProvider (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into fix-tests-cleanup (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Put the grouping criteria in separate method (reusable) (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Tests adminSurveyViews - add surveyParticipantTokenOptions (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: Tests adminSurveyViews - add surveyPermissions (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add AdminSurveyViews examples (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add UsersViews (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add checkIntegrity (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add php 7.1, php 5.6 (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add quoteColumnName for order (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add screenshots & tmp folder (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add surveyParticipantsIndex (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add surveyTemplateOptionsUpdate (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: add user views (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: addQuestion (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: addQuestionGroup (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: addQuota (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: adjust timeouts (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: allow get param if no post (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: back to upstream on tests (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: comment out buggy tests (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: comporer revert (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: composer mess 7 (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: composer on php 7.0 (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: composer revert (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: composer stuff (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: conditional for php5 (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: conditional for php5 fix (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: dataEntryView (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: delete comment (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: doc (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: don't test surveyResources (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: experssions (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: exportResults (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: exportSpss & bugfix (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: exportSpss (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: get packages via travis conf (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: implement model paths (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: importQuestionGroup (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: log & see phantomjs errors (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: missing DummyController (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: mode docs (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: phantomjs crash not always a travis failure (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: printableSurvey - FAILS. (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: remove apache restart (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: remove apt packages (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: remove sleep (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: remove timeouts (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: remove views from base class (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: reset config (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: revert composer (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: revert composer (again) (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: revert composer change? (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: revert composer changes 4? (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: revert composer changes mess 5? (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: revert composer.lock (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: rty adding timeouts (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: screenshots by name to ignored _output (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: show log only after failure (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: skip setUserPermissions for now (needs adding an user) (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: split up views list (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: statisticsIndex (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: surveyResponsesBrowse (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: surveyResponsesIndex (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: test sleep between pageviews (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests/TestBaseClass.php (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests/TestBaseClassView.php (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests/TestBaseClassWeb.php (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: tests/questions/DateTimeValidationTest.php (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: use phpunit skip to skip test (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: use setUpBeforeClass() for all (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Dev: use tmp instead of _output (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Fixed issue #12383: No favicon shown for the default template in "develop" branch (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12394: Adding question to quota shoult order questions in display order (Tõnis Ormisson)
-Fixed issue #12511: PHP notice when going to copied templates (LouisGac)
-Fixed issue #12620: No difference between preview question group and preview question (LouisGac)
-Fixed issue #12778: not picking string from languagefiles (LouisGac)
-Fixed issue #12832: Bread crumbs broken at survey logic file (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12844: No left-hand navigation in IE11 (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12846: Cannot edit Menu configuration or entries (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12856: Breadcrumb displays survey number twice (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12858: Admin home page : 6 block width broken (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12866: Some participants cannot be saved for no obvious reason (Carsten Schmitz)
-Fixed issue #12870: Admin User cannot edit itself - no permissions (Denis Chenu)
-Fixed issue #12870: Admin User cannot edit itself - no permissions (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12878: Your account -> My account (LouisGac)
-Fixed issue #12881: Exception on trying to view template list (LouisGac)
-Fixed issue #12885: Template options broken (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12886: Responses not recorded in Ajax mode (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12888: Quick add answer options does not work when loaded with pjax (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12889: Mandatory switch and other switches do not work in question edit (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12896: Info boxes e.g. "Subquestions were successfully saved" do not vanish automatically (LouisGac)
-Fixed issue #12899: When using quick menu to open copy/import survey, form is not loaded (markusfluer)
-Fixed issue #12901: Template.js is not loaded for extended template (LouisGac)<

Checksum SHA-256: 8146b4ff179a3678820f7d72832e4746b90680a634187ac333cf22633fee46c1

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