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Your feedback: Plugins for LimeSurvey 2.05

With the LimeSurvey fundraiser concluding successfully we have put alot of time in reworking LimeSurvey to make it support a plugin API. We plan to have the question type plugins available in 2.1 - but there is still alot of work to be done and so we decided to release an intermediate 2.05 first which already will support basic plugins. Example for events you will be able to use:

  • onSurveyCompleted: Fires if a survey is completed and hands over the ID of the response to your plugin
  • beforeSurveySettings, newSurveySettings: For survey specific plugin settings - based on the survey settings you could example reconfigure your plugin automatically

...and more. Now we need your feedback. What events would you like to hook into? Let us know in the forum thread for this article!

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