LimeSurvey 3.16.1 build 190314 released!

Last changes:

-[security] Fixed issue #14617: relative path allowed in lsa multiple download
-New feature: Add reference to group relevance
-New Feature: listifop EM function
-New Feature: listifop EM function
-Fixed issue #14595: Php Crash when trying to preview empty group
-Fixed issue #13302: Slider "Slider starts at the middle position" and "Slider initial value" settings not working
-Fixed issue #14435: Survey logic view -> Open printable view is not showing the correct language version
-Fixed issue #14507: Unable to use TOKEN or SAVEDID var in EM twig
-Fixed issue #14507: Unable to use TOKEN or SAVEDID var in EM twig
-Fixed issue #14553: The countdown does not work most of the time
-Fixed issue #14555: Deleting question are not CRSF protected
-Fixed issue #14563: Save question before attributes get loaded remove all attributes
-Fixed issue #14563: Save question before attributes loaded remove all attributes
-Fixed issue #14572: Unable to edit answers whith fields contains a quote
-Fixed issue #14575: Deleting a parent Survey Group orphans child Survey Groups, causing Survey Groups List page to crash
-Fixed issue #14596: CApcCache enabled gives error 500 when checking data integrity.
-Fixed issue #14597: deleting question group are not CRSF protected
-Fixed issue #14599: Crash when enabling evaluation on an empty survey
-Fixed issue #14618: slider resets when moving backwards with a starting value
-Fixed issue #14628: Array numbers question type doesn't include proper subquestion and answer details at "print answers" overview
-Fixed issue #14645: Unable to update "Reminder count" option when using batch-edit menu
-Fixed issue : clear popover on response-grid reload
-Fixed issue : dataentry are not filtered before save in database
-Fixed issue : delete label set don't delete related files
-Fixed issue : Label set delete are not XSS protected
-Fixed issue : Label set delete button didn't work
-Fixed issue: no survey bar on survey theme options page
-Fixed issue: remotecontrol create too many sessions
-Fixed issue: selected font not loaded during the survey execution
-Fixed issue : slider_default_set settings didn't work
-Fixed issue: TSV export fails if group name is empty
-Fixed issue: upgrade error when upgrading to version 3.16.0+190225 using SQL Server 2008 DB (Dominik Vitt) Download the latest version

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