LimeSurvey 2.00+ build 121013

-Fixed issue #6654: Group import or TSV import are not XSS filtered for non super-admin
-Fixed issue #6659: Missing translations when browsing tokens
-Fixed issue #6671: Impossible to import correctly a group of question
-Fixed issue #6672: Error when a user without admin access try to visualise a survey
-Fixed issue #6682: Quick translation function for questions not showing texts properly
-Fixed issue #6682: Quick Translation function for questions not showing texts properly
-Fixed issue #6685: Export of results broken
-Fixed issue #6686: "Restart this survey" link is incorrect
-Fixed issue #6687: Unable to select email template of different languages when sending email
-Fixed issue #6688: Apostrophe in question code for File upload questions disrupts EM logic
-Fixed issue #6691: Unable to edit response if debug mode is active
-Fixed issue #6692: Upper range limit ignored on exporting results
-Fixed issue: Dumping large database tables causes script to run out of memory
-Fixed issue: Missing databasename when dumping database
-Fixed issue: Problem importing question group when using MSSQL
#Updated translation: Estonian by klaster
#Updated translation: German by c_schmitz...

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