Syncing error ("no column named 'token'")

6 Monate 1 Tag her #182067 von comicconsproject

I'm a new Offline Surveys user, trying to test the app in advance of running some surveys at a comic convention. I just purchased a licence and have cached a survey on my Android tablet. When attempting to enable syncing, I get the following error message after clicking VERIFY CREDENTIALS: "Table 'lsux_survey_######' does not have a column named 'token.'" Any suggestions how to resolve this problem and get the syncing feature working? Thanks in advance for your help.

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6 Monate 11 Stunden her #182088 von aaskoura
This error "Table Lime_xxxxx does not have column named token" comes from LimeSurvey. We reported this issue and are waiting for a fix ( ). For the time being to fix this error you need to disable "Anonymised Responses" setting on your LimeSurvey.

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