LimeSurvey 2.0RC5 released

4 Jahre 11 Monate her - 4 Jahre 11 Monate her #83974 von ahmed01
ahmed01 antwortete auf das Thema: LimeSurvey 2.0RC5 released
Just wanted to report an issue with RC7, sorry if it's already known but I haven't seen it reported elsewhere.

If an admin user creates a child user without the "Use all/manage templates" permission (let's say "Create survey" and "Manage labels" are the only permissions granted). When that child user tries to create a survey by clicking the plus icon, an error page is returned. The beginning of the error page reads:
PHP warning

include(Templates_rights_model.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

My install is limesurvey200RC7-build120721

Using PHP Version 5.3.2

Letzte Änderung: 4 Jahre 11 Monate her von ahmed01.

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