Survey permission for non-administrator

3 Jahre 8 Monate her #105066 von Mirjam01
Mirjam01 erstellte das Thema Survey permission for non-administrator
We have a querie from a user which is not the survey administrator, but who has been given all survey rights with regard to creating tokens and surveys, etc.. Despite of these survey settings, she cannot send out survey invitations to participants and/or execute surveys. The icons for these actions don't appear in het participants database/ token table.
Are these actions reserved for the survey administrator, only?

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3 Jahre 8 Monate her #105087 von DenisChenu
DenisChenu antwortete auf das Thema: Survey permission for non-administrator
Tokens read/create/update rigth only must be OK.

What is your LimeSurvey version ?

If you have the last version, please make a bug report width a screenshot of the rigth for this admin.


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