Allow one email with two tokens.

4 Jahre 3 Monate her #99035 von lovepade
lovepade erstellte das Thema Allow one email with two tokens.
I have created a panel for the survey needs of our organization.

Most of our surveys has a "role" and not "person" focus. 9 times out of 10, there will be a different person for each role. But not always.

Example: I am doing a small data-gathering survey with 17 schools. Each school has two departements. But on one small school, person A has two roles: Administrator of department 1 and administrator of department 2.

I have a token attribute field called department. And Person A is listed twice in the central participant panel - once for each role.

How ever: LimeSurvey Professional (previously LimeService) wont allow me to import both roles to the same survey (because of conflicting email adress I guess?). (But I can easily add tokens with identical email adress - just not from the central participant panel).

I'd prefer not to create different surveys, so how can I allow a survey to have respondent with identical emails, imported from the central participant panel.

Thanks in advance

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3 Jahre 9 Monate her #105119 von deserteagle
deserteagle antwortete auf das Thema: Allow one email with two tokens.
put department into additional attribute, include in token with email, then the two tokens are different.

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