I can not send invitations.

1 Monat 2 Wochen her #194078 von jrcscarrillo
What I have done
1. I have a valid survey
2. I have a group
3. I have questions
4. I have participants (I have tried by adding new participants and by uploading from a csv file)
5. I have generated access codes for all the participants
6. If I run "Execute Survey" the option goes smoothly, therefore, I have completed all the steps till run the statistics.

But, when I have selected participants to send de invitations I am getting the following error:
"There were no eligible emails to send. This will be because none satisfied the criteria of:
having a valid email address
not having been sent an invitation already
not having already completed the survey
having an access code
having at least one use left"

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1 Monat 2 Wochen her #194087 von tpartner
There is a bug regarding the default setting of "Email status" - bugs.limesurvey.org/view.php?id=15772

Make sure that you have that set to "OK" for all participants.

Tony Partner

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