A Key for Migrating Key Expressions from 2.x to 3.x

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Has a key already been development somewhere outlining key expressions what work in 2.x that would need to be changed in a migration to 3.x, and how they would need to be change?

For example, in 2.x in the template editor a survey name is {SURVEYNAME} but in the 3.x theme editor it is {{ aSurveyInfo.name }}. Which of the depreciated keywords have a similar method like this by which they can be referenced in 3.x?

Has something along those lines already been developed? It sure would be helpful!

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These are two different things.

{{ aSurveyInfo.name }} is Twig variable.
To see all available items in the aSurveyInfo array, add this to the Twig file:

{{ dump(aSurveyInfo) }}

{SURVEYNAME} is an Expression Manager variable.
Denis has implemented a fix so we can also access those in the Twig files - github.com/LimeSurvey/LimeSurvey/pull/1025 .
So, to use that, you would place something like this in the Twig file:

{{ processString(aSurveyInfo.surveyls_title) }}
{{ processString('{SURVEYLANGUAGE}') }}
{{ processString('{strip_tags(TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1)}') }}

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