Can't login anymore

11 Monate 10 Stunden her #160872 von lob
lob erstellte das Thema Can't login anymore

I can't login anymore into my limesurvey administration panel. After rolling back from version 3.0.0 to 2.72.4 I created some surveys. Everything was fine. Until today. Now I can't log in anymore with any account.
The main Admin account isn't working, the same as my user account as same as the default account (admin:password).
I am using Limesurvey Interernal Database as authentication method.

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11 Monate 40 Minuten her #160901 von guest_666
guest_666 antwortete auf das Thema: Can't login anymore
Hi lob,
Do you have two option:
1. For you user, go to first panel (LimeSurvey Administrator) and click in "forgot your password?", you introduce your user name and email to wait a new password.
2. For admin, if do you have the possibility install for example phpmyadmin to attack directly database you can change the password admin in "users" table. The first possibility to send and email i think that is another option.
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