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Good morning!

It's really funny because I found my way back here to ask a question similar to:

Unfortunately (even after 3 college classes in it), I can't speak let-alone type in French. So I am going to bring it up here!

We have a need to generate reports automatically when a survey is submitted so another department can find them on a network share, analyze them, and pop them into our survey statistics log. Now, I understand this feature is built in to the administrator backend, but I would love to automate the process so I do not have to worry about assigning someone rights to the console and depending on them handling it appropriately (eliminate human error, right?).

Writing some PHP to get it done is no problem to me (in fact I enjoy excuses to code), so is there any way I can set up a cronjob to run at night to automate what results have come in that day and export them to a drive? I feel like it wouldn't be hard - in fact 2 years ago I wrote a script from scratch that exports all of the reports from the database to CSV files, but we never ending up implementing it. If I could find where the current administrator script was that exports the reports, I could get it done even faster using what I already have!

Let me know what you guys think,
- Nathan

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