Problem changing token custom attribute fields

3 Jahre 7 Monate her #99095 von FHemmes
I am currently running two surveys for which I upload participants into my token table using a CSV file. All tokens have four custom attributes. Two of these are loaded in the survey, two are for managing the data once the survey is finished.

When uploading the CSV file, I did not have all data for all participants. My intention was to manually add the missing attribute data at a later stage using the token management screen. However, Limesurvey refuses to safe the changes.

When I now modify a token, it appears the change has been made, until I reload the table. Once I've done this, the token reverts back to its previous state and the modification vanishes.

I did not have this problem with a previous survey I ran. My current impression is that this problem only arises for tokens imported using a CSV file, not for tokens added manually.

I was wondering if there is a setting I could change, or if changing the token attributes for imported tokens is just not possible.

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3 Jahre 7 Monate her #99096 von FHemmes
Okay, seems I should just have kept trying a bit longer.

I've found that updating the tokens work if I type in the new data, but not if I copy-paste it from Excel/OO Calc. I'm not entirely sure why copy-pasting doesn't work, but at least I can now add the missing data to my tokens.

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